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There are dozens of articles about Django optimization. You might have already read about query optimization, caching, and so on. I’m not going to repeat it, but tell you the story of how we optimized memory consumption of our in-memory autocomplete search at — the end-to-end marketplace for home repair, using Linux copy-on-write mechanism.

What is an autocomplete search? When a user types something at the input, it suggests him most relevant results. For instance, at it’s used for service suggestions helping clients to find relevant services without navigating the catalog.

There are many ways to implement an…

We’ve all been there. You come to a company and face tons of bad code. Are these developers so weak to make it right and you are the only one who knows? If not, why is it there, and how to cope with it? Let’s figure it out.

What is a bad code? We may determine bad code as a code, that is not good (hello, Captain Obvious). And Martin Fowler has written the perfect book about it. But in reality, your code may have good test coverage, clean naming, patterns, but still be bad due to permanent changes and…


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